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Kendall Ekerson


Kendall graduated from Portland State University with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Marketing. She was unsure of her future and what her true passion was in the business world. She graduated in 2009 and went to work at a large commercial roofing contractor. This was a family business and she was given the opportunity to try her hand in many different areas of the business. She ultimately settled in marketing and worked closely with the sales team on business development. Over the years she became part of the leadership team and added contract review and human resources to her list of responsibilities.

Kendall worked for 2 years for the Alzheimer's Association as the development director. She has a personal connection to the cause and took a break from the family business to expand her knowledge. She worked closely with the executive director and executive team to oversee the fundraising efforts of the local Oregon chapter. She truly loved working with this team and enjoyed learning from a larger organization different management styles and organizational practices.

She soon found herself returning to the family business. Her passion for the industry and helping women and young adults find life long careers is something that brought her back. She was able to focus once again on marketing with a specific focus internally on employees. She was given a hard task of marketing in the new pandemic world. She found new avenues to gain traction for the company. Kendall was also tasked with recruiting new employees into the company and helping them feel welcomed and heard. Kendall was also a founding member of National Women in Roofing. After 17 years in the roofing industry she grew a love for helping women get involved in the trades. She started the Oregon Council in 2017. This organization focuses on recruiting women into the roofing industry and help support them through education and mentorship. She is still a current member. She also speaks to local high schools and women's groups about how to get involved in the trades.

How Kendall Can Help You

Through her jobs following college Kendall's true passions became clear. She loves telling the story behind a company. People connect to stories and want to "know who you are". She enjoys learning about others and finding ways to build relationships and network together. She believes in networking and supporting those you trust. Kendall's experience with helping grow employee engagement and executing on company culture initiatives lead to new area of interest. She found that by making company culture a true part of your business's company planning and strategy you can make a big difference in the lives of employees. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention. Work life balance is very important to address and understand in this new working climate. Her role always lead her to the planning of company events, meetings and planning sessions. Kendall has had many years planning company parties and picnics for employees as well as leadership strategy sessions. She has gained a lot of tools to help make these events successful, interesting, motivating and fun. She enjoys bringing excitement as well as clarity to meetings and fun and engagement to company events. Kendall is the marketing guru who can help grow your company externally and develop your company internally.


Personal Interests 

Kendall grew up in Oregon, in fact she is a sixth generation Oregonian. She and her husband have 2 children and enjoy many outdoor activities. She loves talking with women about self love. This is something she has worked on with herself over the last few years. Having 2 daughters has made her more aware that she needs to be their example. She wants to show them that she is a strong woman and they are too. She is committed to having her daughters grow up in a world where they can do anything. She loves finding quotes that keep people motivated and finding new activities that push her to learn more. Her most recent interest has been in pistol training. She has enjoyed shooting outdoors for years with the family, but recently took classes to help her better understand the weapon and be a proficient shooter. Her and her family enjoy camping and riding their ATVs and other off-roading vehicles. But don't let that fool you, she is as sparkly and pink as they come. She may be muddy on the weekends, but come Monday will be ready for the highest level of professionalism.

Kendall Ekerson: About
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