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Nalani Smith


Nalani grew up in Oregon most of her life. She spent some time living in New Orleans, which is still near and dear to her heart and part of why she loves to travel so much. However, her family has a long rooted history in Oregon, specifically in Central Oregon, that goes back seven generations.  Nalani has been working since the age of 14. Needing to pay her way through college, she is no stranger to hard work and staying focused on a goal. She graduated from Warner Pacific University with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Later she went on to get a project management certificate from Portland State University.

Nalani’s passion for planning events goes back to her high school days as being part of her youth group leadership team into college. She helped to plan camps, retreats, and other activities in addition to being an active part in facilitating them. During her college years, Nalani worked at a major retailer. She became a part of their onboarding team helping to further train new employees through job shadowing and company culture integration. Nalani found that she really enjoyed helping others be successful in their work in addition to taking pride in her own. She was seen as a leader, even at her young age, and had the trust and confidence of the management team.

Her project management interests were sparked while working within the television/film production industry. She discovered that she had a knack for managing set schedules, seeing potential issues before they arose, thrived in the high paced atmosphere, and loved coordinating logistics. This further confirmed her excitement around planning events and working on special projects.

Nalani took the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills in a different industry when she spent a few years working at a fine jewelry store. Her time working in high end retail taught her a lot about meeting specific unique needs of each individual client.  Her most recent role in the professional world was the Director of Technical Services at an advertising agency that specializes in patient recruitment for clinical trials. She worked with that company for a total of seven years. Her longest and most complex project while working at this company was her involvement in the development of a software database.  Nalani loved working alongside developers and the project management team to deliver to clients the results they were looking for and exceed their expectations.

How Nalani Can Help You

Nalani has been a trusted "go-to" for many events and weddings. She found her passion for logistics and planning many years back. Even during highschool, Nalani had a love for planning, logistics and project management. She focuses on every detail and confirms all the goals are met. Listening carefully to a client's needs and understanding of what it will take to accomplish their goals is one of her greatest strengths. She is a no-nonsense, get it done, type of woman and isn't afraid to step in and take charge when needed. You can trust that any project Nalani does will be done in a timely manner with perfect execution.


Personal Interests

Nalani has always been someone who loves to serve her community and gain new experiences. Nalani graduated from the 47th Beaverton Police Citizens Academy and loved the opportunities to volunteer with the department. Perhaps her most memorable time serving in the community has been the trips she took back to New Orleans to help with clean-up after Hurricane Katrina. Ultimately, her biggest passions have come out of her travel experiences. Both across the country and internationally, Nalani really discovered how much she loves connecting with different people and experiencing new things.

Nalani loves cars and motorcycles. She has been to Indy car races, driven a Maclaren around PIR, and prides herself on being one of the few people that enjoy driving manual transmission. Her and her husband would love to go to an F1 race someday. She grew up casually shooting guns for target practice with her family but has recently been taking pistol training. She has enjoyed challenging herself with the fundamentals and honing her skills in that area. Next year she hopes to complete dive certification training. She also plans on getting chickens and putting in a bigger garden to help her family become more self sufficient.


The only thing to really know about Nalani is that she loves her family. She left the corporate world to devote her time to her daughter’s care and help build the family business. She loves having her own company for the flexibility it can offer her family but most of all to be doing it alongside her husband and friend. Both of them want their daughter to have a good example of team work and dedication.

Nalani Smith: About
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